Too sad for words

I never thought that I would be so disgusted by something that I can’t even bring myself to react. In these ghetto times it often feels like outrage is a daily emotion for me. But ever since I caught a glimpse on the local news of a 2 year old smoking a blunt I find myself paralyzed. It seems two teenagers were caught on tape persuading a 2 year old and his 5 year old brother to smoke marijuana. The teenagers were toking up themselves as they encouraged the boys to get high. One of the teenagers was the 17-year-old uncle of the brothers. The disturbing continues: The 2-year-old knew how to inhale so it obviously was not the first time this abomination has happened. And everyone laughs and smiles.

Texas police discovered the videotape while executing a search warrant to look for stolen property. Felony charges have been filed against the teens. The boys momma was a sleep in the next room and has not been charged. I only caught a glimpse because the minute the blunt was held up to the toddler’s lips I looked away. I could not watch.

For days now I’ve been trying to get the image out of my mind. I can’t. I don’t think I ever will. And that is probably healthy. It is something that should not be forgotten. So I’ve forced myself to write about it here. I can only muster a few lines though without wanting to scream: What the F*ck!?! Obviously we have forgotten what it means to be enslaved. Because these days we put the chains on ourselves, and smile.



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9 responses to “Too sad for words

  1. Nicholas

    I know, it leaves you speachless….

  2. Rashad

    Just the image you painted by telling the story is making my stomach turn over. My eyes are welling up just thinking about it. My pastor is a “realist” in the world of faith. He assures us: The pain will get worse, and the world will wax worse and worse. I agree that “We are not a lost cause.” I now wonder, however, if that ideal statement measures up with our “ghetto” world and the prophecy that it will only get worse. Can “ghetto” also mean, without regard to principle; lacking integrity; rife with insolence; acting without regard to the existence of God (or a god, deity, higher being, creator, etc.)?

  3. Ben

    I dunno: that’s wrong, very wrong, but still kinda funny, I have to confess. Funny, maybe because of its wrongness yet relative safeness (come on, it’s just weed, seriously). If it was blow or meth, now that woulda been f-ed up.

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  5. lucas_in_denver

    A brief response to “Ben’s” April 3rd post where he stated in response to the pot smoking toddlers:

    “I dunno: that’s wrong, very wrong, but still kinda funny, I have to confess. Funny, maybe because of its wrongness yet relative safeness (come on, it’s just weed, seriously). If it was blow or meth, now that woulda been f-ed up.”

    Your response is about as ghetto as it gets! Clearly you are not a parent (a responsible one anyway). You can’t be serious in stating (in so many words) that pot smoking children is “OK by me”! It’s a slippery slope in behavior with those young children, “Ben”. Children smoking pot is not “relatively safe” nor is it funny by any stretch and it is truly a sign of a much bigger problem. Pull your pants up and grab a clue!

  6. That’s horrible. I’m suprised that the mother wasn’t held accountable!
    it reminds me of “Amazing Grace” by Jonathan Kozol; in which he spent time with children in the Bronx. There was this notorious drug lord named George Calderon, who became a heroin user at the age of EIGHT…and that was in the early 90’s…

  7. Virgil

    When we think of Ghetto we think of poor urban black. OK. How would this be an example of being ghetto. Are you saying poor blacks don’t have no moral character. If this happened in a white neighbor hood it would just be a dumb white kid but in a black neighborhood its “ghetto.” This does not reflect the entire black urban community and I am sure any poor black person would denounce this behavior.

  8. DJ

    Virgil, I know I’m at least one day late on this one, being a couple months after your post, but if you read Cora’s book, you’d know that she does not in any way define Ghetto by race. We find ghetto among the rich and poor, smart and dumb, white and black.

    Secondly, your statement that “any poor black person would denounce this behavior” is by definition incorrect. If “any poor black person” would denounce this, then the guys handing the kids a blunt would have denounced it, and they clearly did not.

    Lastly, your defensive posture is ghetto. You are attempting to set two standards, one for white neighborhoods and one for black neighborhoods. Don’t try to excuse bad behavior, call it what it is: GHETTO!

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