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Forgive me, I’ve been so ghetto

First, I know it has been a long time…I’ll spare y’all the excuses because we all have the same — work, family, busyness. Yes, I’ve been busy with work — now writing each month for Fast Company, Essence, and Men’s Fitness magazines. Yes, as the mother of a toddler finding  free non-mommy moments is like discovering the lost city of Atlantis. And, yes, always b-u-s-y –doing a lot of traveling for the book including speeches, radio, and tv appearances. Plus there are always more books to write.

Still, trying to pass myself off as a blogger when my last post is Imus is inexcusable. 

And look at all that I missed! The NAACP staged a funeral to bury the N-Word (oh what fun I could have had with that waste of time), Paris learned to say the word “Bible” in prison, the media is determined to make us care that a chick named Lindsay is now “unemployable” (she joins the thousands of Black men in this country who have long been labeled “unemployable” too) and is there anyone who doesn’t agree that finger lickin’ Britney is 100% ghetto? Hot ghetto mess BET said it was trying to do better with its show formally known as Hot Ghetto Mess but in good news no one was fooled. And then the summer was rounded out with Michael Vick, who I will hold back on because no need to join the pack. Instead check this out. Not to mention it is election season and I’ve heard both Hillary and Obama speak at small events. Unortunately neither said anything worthy of dishing about.  

So I’m sorry I’ve been silent. And that is the news I wanted to spread today.



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